Frank's Parting Gift
by Grace Graham

The legacy of Frank's life is in the gift he leaves behind—how to give yourself the juice-fast-cleanse when Frank is no longer available (if you cannot find someone else qualified to do the colonic irrigation). While Frank was critically ill and in hospital for the last time, I said that he could not leave us because we needed him. This prompted Frank to give us his parting gift: he said that we did not need him because we could make the juice ourselves for the juice fast, and we could use two enemas per day in the absence of a colonic irrigation therapist (not entirely as effective but better than no detoxification)! This was Frank's parting gift to us—our independence. Frank knew that the life-saving detox had rescued both his mother and his brother when each of them battled with cancer.

See Frank's articles on detoxification.

If you do not have a therapist like Frank in your area… find a colonic therapist, and if they do not work 6 days like Frank did, do the remaining days yourself.

A Personal Experience: Frank's Gift

Frank used to advise us (for after the detox) to do 1 day of the juices, and then to come in the next day for a colonic. This was especially for those who stuck to the 2-week raw diet (but even if we didn't, he still recommended it), as the body would continue to detox.

He gave me the enema bag and the following instructions:

  1. Fill the bag with warm water.
  2. Lie on your left side in the bath on a towel and pillows.
  3. Insert the end (use a bit of oil for easy insertion), and allow the water to go in. If there is a cramp, close the clamp until the cramping goes away.
  4. When there is only a quarter of the water left, turn onto your right side and let the rest of the water in. Then there will be three or four peristaltic rushes (desire or urge to go to the toilet).

When Frank gave these instructions, he didn't mention that while lying on the bed waiting for the peristaltic action to happen, we could massage our stomach "à la Frank" because there was no need to do so because he was alive. I think of those who have never had the pleasure of knowing Frank and ask myself, "How are they going to be able to do this"? It is invaluable to go through this with Frank (at least the first time one does a detox)—the food cessation and the whole bit. He asks us all how we feel, and guides us through the week.

While waiting for the "urge to purge", you can feel your way around your abdomen. As the week progresses, you will feel more. Feel around as if you were a therapist, holding more on sensitive areas... like the ileocecal valve. It's quite straightforward. Frank said the "urge to purge" would happen three or four times during the next 45 minutes to an hour, the length of time a colonic takes.

So rather than going to meet a new therapist and conform to 6 daily appointments, my next detox will be with me at home (no driving an hour each way), spending a week at home having the time to do a really good dry-brush massage before each bathing, making the juices fresh, my two enemas a day (instead of one colonic), the hour afterwards massaging my own abdomen. I think I will like that (rather than having to rush out to meet someone who is not Frank).

Follow Frank's procedure from his published articles: The Juice Fast Program.

Remember the skin brushing! Before each bath or shower, do a dry skin brushing (to clean the lymph), explained in Frank's notes.

The wheat-grass juice was something that Frank did as a therapist, one on one with specific clients, so no need to think about that for now. Yes, if you do the detox you must empty intestines. Not eating makes the body go into detox mode—the powerful juices act like medicine. The bentonite has a "pac-man effect" on the toxins in the blood, etc., and deposits them into the intestine every day, so the intestines need to be cleaned out.

So the detox cleans the body. The colonics clean not only the old junk out of the intestines, but also the junk in the body. While doing the detox, Frank recommended that the week after finishing a fast, one do juices for a day, and then go for another colonic, but for those times when he was off, when we needed the colonic, he said to do an enema. He gave us an enema bag and told us how to do it.

We fill the bag with 1000 cc of water, and then use the method described above, and after a time the water comes out in 3 or 4 "whooshes". At that time, he did not specify to lie down and massage the stomach, but to maximize the wisdom and potential of his parting gift.

But if one was doing it as "their own colonics", I would say they should lie down, and while waiting for the peristaltic whooshes, do a circular anti clockwise massage of the abdomen. After the water goes in and you get out of the bath you do not feel the need necessarily to jump on the toilet, there is time before the peristaltic action starts. Since you are doing your own enema, it is best to follow the feeling with your own hands, either large or small, slow clockwise circular trajectories starting either from the belly button and getting larger or starting at the outer edges of the abdomen going towards the belly button.

During a colonic irrigation by a professional, warm water slowly goes in and encounters the impacted blocking debris in the colon (when this happens, you feel a cramping). This happens a few times for the next 45 minutes. The next day, it takes longer before feeling the cramps, and progressively it continues for the 6 days. The water loosens the impacted material from the walls, and goes a bit higher each day. When doing our own enemas, we get the same cramp when the water has gone as far as it can. This is the reason for the clamp on the end of the enema bag—when you feel a cramp, stop. Wait until the cramp goes away, and then continue until three quarters of the water has emptied into the colon. Both methods simply fill and empty the colon while dislodging impacted matter. Six colonics with a therapist, or 12 self-administered enemas.

Yes it is time-consuming to buy and carry vegetables, clean them, make the juices, but if you do the detox on your own schedule, you can start on a weekend, or when you have a couple of days to yourself. The first day is more time-consuming (as you get the hang of it). One can work while doing the detox. After the first couple of days one is teeming with energy. You can make your juice for the next day the night before, and just have to do the first morning steps, and then you're off with your jugs of juice for the day.

Frank always used to remind us that after the first couple of weeks following the detox, we could do a juice day followed by an enema the next morning, and that in fact, we could do this every week as a generally good practice.
He used to send us home with the right kind of enema bag (from Professional Medical Products Inc.). Its capacity is 1500 cc. Frank told us how to do it, and from then on, I was never again disgusted by the idea of an enema.

I was very surprised by how much I peed after my first colonic. Frank told me that when you unblock the intestines (or any of the eliminating/cleansing functions), the others also unblock.

Free Do-It-Yourself Pre-Surgery Intervention

Years before I did my first detox week, I read an article that inspired me to attempt the detox. The line that motivated me was, "I know you think you could never go without food for a week, but you cannot imagine the benefits you would reap". I knew that I was exactly that person who could never imagine myself going without food for so long, but putting myself in the place of the person who wrote the article, they too battled the same dread as I did before doing it, so why would I not be able to do it?

I kept the article but it is among piles of papers. I kept it so that I could express these sentiments as alluringly as they did, but after all, I have done it. This is the only motivation you need in order to take off 10 years of aging in 1 week—only one week to transform yourself.

You will never regret it.

At the end of that week, when you are back to eating, a carrot or a wedge of purple cabbage will go a long way.

Okay, so soon after that, you will guiltlessly go back to a different version of your old ways, but you will no longer be able to eat the same way as you used to, such as eating a plate of seconds.

Never during my transformation (I am by no means close to being as pure as some of the raw food smoothie makers) have I felt depraved, I only felt the bad way certain things made me feel.

The real reason for this article is to give a solution to one of the problems I posed in articles I wrote 20 years ago when I had my first experience with Frank, the angelic colonic therapist. It was the highlight of the detox to see him every day for 6 days as he taught me all the tips to clean the insides of my body.

Unfortunately he died in 2007. It then took me 5 years to realize and put words to the idea that his parting gift was a way to offer any individual anywhere in the world a chance to do their own operation preparation clinic, at home. My father died a year before Frank and I was convinced that if he had had better preparation before his heart operation, he would have come through it. Of course this cannot be known, but I have first hand experience, if you want to put on your side the results of an operation, do a detox a month before.

Permit me an anecdote from my own experience: I had a breast reduction and did my detox a month before. Following the operation I got lazy with the juices after two weeks, and right away the breasts started to hurt. What more proof did I need about the statements I had read that carrot juice is a healer?

For a year, I festered on the words that a nurse friend told me the night before his operation, which was, "It used to be a law to do enemas before operations; it now is not; please get your father to take some things to clean the intestines". I did wonder why they used to give enemas. I remember it was done when I was a kid having either my tonsils or wisdom teeth out.

I came up with an idea to set up franchises in every city and get hospitals to collaborate and give people the option (and the literature about the juice-fast detox) to go to a pre-op detox clinic.  I could imagine the bother it would be with the hospitals, never mind getting the idea to the public. The idea was too colossal and costly.

Frank gave his parting gift the following year, I put it on his memorial site, but it did not occur to me until years later even though it had been staring me in the face, the way to bring it to the people in an article such as this, that they can do their own detox at home a month before they are scheduled for an operation.

It is not a small thing to go under the knife, and if you are not in good health, the recovery is hard, if you make it through.

So if it is your first time, starting off doing your own detox could be a bit daunting. Even though you do not have Frank who works 6 days, there are other colonic therapists, and you can do your own enemas the last days of the detox. This is a good way to get you used to being independent and ready to take charge in preparing for your operations. (As it describes in the Parting Gift, Frank taught us how to do the enemas since we would need to do a 1-day fast and a colonic the following week after the detox because the body still detoxifies after that week, and since he was not always available to do a colonic, he gave us an enema bag and explained what to do.)

The articles and Frank's detox protocol is meant to help you do it all on your own the first time. Please see the page (under construction since the idea is completely new) that recaps detox details that you might have questions about.

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Since my brother became sick (he had flu shot in November 2012 and got sick in December 2012… he has an "illness" "called" dermatomyositis) I have been battling with him to try a couple of these things. Recently he sent me a note something like this "I told my Doctor about you and he said to listen to you".

Now is a chance to help him, and if he does some of these things and feels better, we will know.

When I first heard that our basic diet is mostly acidic (coffee, sugar, meat, dairy, processed food and flour) and that acidity is the root of illness, it still took years for it to sink in and for me to act on it. I therefore understand why it is hard for a person suddenly in a crisis to believe in and have faith that these easy methods could be beneficial.

I have a suspicion that these suddenly contracted dis-eases (with a long build-up period) are signs of high acidity. It is hard to accept that they are incurable autoimmune diseases that require life-long debilitating cortisone therapy.

I have had personal success in dealing with various acute episodes that could have developed into illness if I had not intervened with some of the following methods of my mentors.

Taking medications and eating diets of "more meat/protein to combat muscle loss" creates a more acidic environment.

Ever since I delved into natural/alternative/integrative medicine/prevention/healing, I learned that itis's and osis's are inflammation that can be reversed.

No more does the prospect of a ham and cheese or tuna or egg sandwich attract me. For the longest while, I would occasionally allow non-organic restaurant food, but in the last few years non-organic mayonnaise (canola oil), bread products and soy are all made with GMOs, and I am no longer willing to chance the harm that they will do with what is left of my health.

This is how addictions fall away, rather than trying to force them. There are times when my body tells me it does not want to eat (not something I could have ever imagined happening to me) and all I want to do is drink water. The older I get and the more cleanly I eat, the more I realize that my body does not need as much food as I have been giving it, and the image of strong animals fed only on plant food sinks in.

Take your supplements… if you do not take them, they do not work, based on the following, referring to herbs,
Remember Ron Teeguarden’s “First Rule of Tonic Herbalism,” summed up in a single word—compliance. If you do not take the herbs, they will not work.”

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These are effective ways to immediately feel better and to start starting to change. When we are so debilitated (by the time we start thinking about changing, we end up sick, and it is hard to think of going out and buying vegetables and juicing them). These are easy cures that give immediate relief without having to turn oneself radically overnight into a raw foodie juice fanatic… we all know how it is hard to make the first step, and then it can take years to get to the further steps.

Good for anyone with illness, or without illness (it is proactive to not get illness). High acidity, blocked intestines, and lack of minerals are the root of illness. Just doing these few things will help very much with the symptoms. It is never easy to start, but these tricks are easy to do without radically changing to raw foodie juice fanatic.

The premise… as they called the human species in the Star Trek series, we are "ugly bags of mostly water"; our bodies over time, due to the way we eat, our elimination systems get clogged and do not eliminate. Toxicity builds ending in dis-ease. In the topics that there is no text for, I have included them because they are valuable pearls to know about and there is ample text to read on the internet.

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Potato diet/cure: In some European countries, they use the Prisnytz compress and potato diet in heart wards when taking diuretics would interfere with other meds.

Eaten with other food potato is an empty starch, alone it is a healer.

Potato cure reduces inflammation and water retention… relieving symptoms, and helps wash away side effects of cortisone and as proactive measures in times of health.

Potatoes only with a bit of butter, celery, lots of water, 1, 2, or 3 days (depending on severity of symptoms) in a row the first time, or once a week is a good maintenance.

Potato juice: normal eating, drink a glass or two a day (peel and cut potato, put in blender with glass of water, strain and drink).

This is also good for body builders in competition, a day or two before, to lose water weight.

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Priznitz compress

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Psyllium: if not doing the detox described on this site, it is still good to take a level teaspoon of psyllium seed (not husk) twice a day in water. Psyllium is the one supplement that can be taken daily. It is a pleasant way to clean the intestines. As long as you take the psyllium, the toxins go out of the body while cleaning the intestines. If not, you can get healing crises and feel worse.

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Water: On this link, it describes what happens when showering in chlorine:   

Pores drink. Maybe a water softener is a solution, since it removes chlorine. If no alternative to tap water, it is best to leave it sit 24 hours to allow the chlorine to dissipate. Bathing in it should be short (and no salt baths in hot chlorine water).

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Salt sole: many benefits. It is only recently that I heard about the sole (solay) found the name for it, and started to look at links, and from what I am reading I realize that this is truly a master cure. google: salt sole, scientific studies).

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The bare minimum: supplements for the arsenal:):

celery seed tea
turmeric tea
cider vinegar: 1 tsp. in water, 3 times per day (it makes you want to drink water… so get some good water).
coenzyme Q10: important for illnesses that attack muscle; the heart is a muscle.

grapefruit seed extract
oregano oil
neem extract

vit k2 (anti cavities, helps other supplements absorb better)
coenzyme Q10 (for heart while you are going through this; heart is a muscle)
pine pollen


food grade hydrogen peroxide
chelation and Vitamin C with B12 injection therapy

raw chocolate (… Vitamin C… calcium and magnesium)

Incan Spirulina: among other things, calms the nervous system (mentally and physically)… when the body is sick, the mind gets worried, and worry (stress) does not help with inflammation… chlorella boosts the power of the spirulina and detoxes heavy metals. 

Swedish bitters

Derivative bath

Diatomaceous earth

The basic vitamins: A, B, C, D, E 


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Personal section: Some personal physical irritants that I have conquered, and potential medical problems to be aware of. I cannot be the only person having these symptoms; hopefully this will help others too. Learning these tricks from mentors, some of them different than anything I have ever heard before in the natural health world, has been very illuminating and self-empowering to have gained mastery over some of the crises that my ignorance, neglect and habits have wreaked upon my body.

Many of the following symptoms and adjoining stories were so intense that I am sure I would have had ended up in the doctor's office and have to be on prednisone had I not averted them myself.

Dental: gum piercing, salt, silver… could alleviate abscess and avoid root canals… blotting brush… cleans teeth and gums like nothing else.

Stress boil spot: Swedish bitters to the rescue.

Mottled Skin = lymph in distress.

Bee Sting: not always allergies.

Itchy smelly button: cupping.

Itching or skin symptoms: a sign that kidneys are in distress, probably not enough water for starters.

Acid Reflux: not always due to acidity. Short 2 month period of tasting orange juice (but I do not drink it). Bruce adjusted diaphragm, no more taste.