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Frank Pridham --- Eulogy

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Jorgen's Piece
Frank loved the Universe. He knew every star, and at night he often sat outside, gazing up, admiring the galaxies. On the evening of September 21st, 2007, the night sky was lit up like Versailles, just covered with stars, and the whole sky was shimmering on the river as the water was reflecting it. It was like the sky was waiting for him. At 11:30 on this beautiful evening, Frank passed from my arms in his paradise, our country home, into the waiting night sky.

I did not sleep that whole night, and at daybreak I took this photo of the fields behind our home. My sister Floreen, and I, lost a brother and I lost my best friend, my son, and my soul mate, and we have lost an angel on earth.

Those who knew him were privileged, and those who did not know him missed knowing the nicest person one can know.

One could write volumes on Frank's legacy. He believed in the goodness of Man and his desire to better himself. He loved nature; he was a part of it, and treated it with tremendous respect. He touched thousands of lives. Some of you who knew him know that, after being in contact with him, your life changed forever for the better.

He dried your tears, he gave hope for life to those of you who suffered from a life-threatening illness. Frank made it possible for you to live: he shared your sadness and your despair; he encouraged you, guided you and shared with you whatever he had to give, whether it be money, time, effort, or work, and his arms were never empty with you around.

His involvement with alternative health treatment started in 1977 when our Mom came down with colon cancer. Her prognosis was not very good. The option through mainstream medicine was a total colostomy, followed by chemotherapy to extend her life for a few months or maybe for a year if she was lucky.

Our uncle Robert who worked all his life as a cancer researcher strongly suggested to her to follow her doctor's advice. Since she was a very dignified lady, she did not want to hear of any colostomy and definitely no chemo as she saw her sister going trough the terrible side effects of it with her liver cancer. She decided to seek alternatives with diet, detoxification, and homeopathic medication. We fully supported her in her decision. It is needless to talk about our despair and sadness over her illness and the possibility of losing her.

Her first destination was Boston, to Anne Wigmore. At that time the Hippocrates Institute was not the slick, commercial spa that it is today. It was just a simple house sadly needing repairs, but Anne made sure that the strictest therapeutic diet was enforced (raw food, juices, sprouts, and wheat grass juice), with daily enemas. We are forever grateful to Anne for it because it saved our Mom's life.

As time passed, Mom's tumor was reducing, with no more blockage or pain. With the help of a few doctors oriented toward homeopathy (but at that time they had to practice it like back-street abortionists, being persecuted by their corporation), and later on with Dr. Virginia Livingston Wheeler's help and program, in 2 years our Mom was in perfect health, free of cancer and feeling better than ever before in all of her life.

A year after that, I came down with liver cancer myself. Since no mainstream treatments were available for me, I also turned to alternative cancer treatment. Anne Wigmore, Charlotte Gersen, and Virginia Livingston Wheeler were the key contributors to me regaining my health, even though all the statistics were not in my favor.

Frank supported Mom and me later on and without him today I would not be alive. Our family started devouring all the knowledge we could put our hands on. Late nights of reading flowed into mornings, with Frank saying so often:

"Life is precious, and how upsetting and sad it is that some people have to die unnecessarily."

This realization made him quit everything, and to embark on his studies of colon hygiene, nutrition and all, which has to do with holistic health. Frank was one of the most intelligent people I have ever come across. He had a sparkling mind, and incredible memory with the purity of freshly fallen snow.

After having cured myself of liver cancer, I decided too, like Frank, to devote the rest of my life to helping people to recover their health from life-threatening disease. Over the years, I became a nutritionist, a homeopath, and a naturopath. Frank and I became a team, and pioneers in the alternative world.

In 1982 we established a cancer center in Montreal, the first of the kind in Canada. Montreal at that time had two health food stores, Vogel and Pural. Raw-food diet was unheard of, except by a few Sheldon followers. Frank's dream was to create a live-in cancer center, where people could reside, and follow detoxification and therapeutic diets, and to make it affordable for everybody, not just for the rich.

Since we could not call it an alternative hospital, we called it The Renaissance Center. We worked against all odds. The Corporation of Medicine has hunted us like witches. Most doctors who wanted to work with us either lost their licenses or, after being investigated, got cold feet. We went on. Frank was relentless. He often quoted his favorite author, Alexander Dumas.

"Those who planted a tree in their lifetime, their lives were not for nothing."

"Or those who helped to save a life", he used to add. It was the raison d´être of Frank's life.

His biggest aim was to lead people to the path of conscience, whether it be health, spirituality, or behavior with each other.

Frank's dream was to have a dining room of raw, tasty food, open to the public, to allow people to partake of healthy good nutrition. With his help, we did it: all you could eat for $5.00. What you could not eat, you could take home, and since raw food is perishable you were able to take home all the leftovers from the kitchen. He also made it possible to hold food workshops to teach people how to prepare healthy, raw food, and to teach them about good nutrition at the same time.

The dining-room concept carried on. Our kitchen staff taught food preparation to the first chefs of the Restaurant Commencal, which is still operating today in Montreal.

We poured all the money we had into it, and financed our future for years to come. Our Mom was also a great financial contributor, and the Renaissance Center was a non-profit organization. We managed to keep it alive for nearly 3 years, but having the government, the corporation on our backs, we finally had to close it down, but Frank never let go of the concepts. We carried it on in our office up until the day he died.

For years, he worked without ever taking a day off, managing on a few hours of sleep, following his impossible dreams.

Yes, he was a dreamer with a vision, never compromising, never discouraged, and he is one person who realized his dreams.

He never refused anyone who had no money. He paid for people's medication, rent, and juicers, phoned them to check up, to give support and love, to encourage, and to share his knowledge by advising everyone on their road to recovery and health.

Giving away the surplus that we do not need is easy. Frank gave away everything he had: his money, his time, his knowledge, and sadly enough, all of his energy. There are no words to describe his generosity. After a long day of work, he answered all his phone messages, stayed up way into the night to answer all his e-mails to those who desperately needed his help. He was the most loving person anyone could know.

He gave 30 years of his life for others, never criticized anybody, but tried to understand why Man does certain things. Frank treated people not the way they are, but what they could be, believing that eventually they will become exactly that! For Frank, it was easy to put himself in the other person's shoes to be able to understand them.

He, like myself, was not anti-medical. We are not anti anything, just anti-stupidity. He believed that both mainstream medicine and the alternative world have a lot to offer to the patient, providing that it is practiced in an intelligent, human, and ethical way and by putting the best of both to work, always for the benefit of the patient, so that the person may have a chance to heal.

Frank put a great deal of effort into opposing the Codex law that gives all power to the pharmaceutical corporations, and takes all power away from the naturopaths and homeopaths (preventing them from helping people to heal). His motto in life was that evil will flourish if a good man does nothing.

After 30 years of hard work, Frank did not leave money or an estate behind him, but he left his legacy for the entire world, which is:

To be able to heal, one has to heal his soul to be able to heal his body.

Health and healing are of no use without proper nutrition.

A toxic body will not heal.

Without kindness, love, and understanding, the world is hell to live in.

What goes around comes around. It is just a question of time.

Your doctor or practitioner cannot do the job to heal you alone. He is only as good as his patient, and the patient has to participate in his own healing.

The difference between the loser and the winner is that the winner will do what the loser will not.

Homeopathic medicine has a history that spans thousands of years, and we cannot say the same about allopathic medicine, no matter how hard they try to prove otherwise.

Your quality as a human being is measured by the understanding, kindness, and love that you give.

Ethics and principles are not matters of convenience.

Without helping those in need, life is very empty.

Helping sick people should not be a business but a vocation you choose, and you have to be able to be available at all time.

Wisdom comes from observing nature, and so does the understanding of life.

The biggest crime is to rob someone of their health and their quality of life.

This list could go on and on, because Frank was the most ethical person.

He loved the stars and the Universe, and knew every star in the sky. The night he died, one of the brightest stars fell from the sky.

This website was created by Grace Graham to keep the light going that Frank lit during his life. You are invited to keep his work and his legacy alive. Therefore if you are a health consultant you are invited to write articles, share your knowledge with those in need, and if you have recovered from illness, to share your experience about healing. Hopefully it will grow into a major support for those who suffer.

Jorgen van Zsidy.N.D.


It is with deep sadness and great regret that we announce the passing of our dearest Frank, on September 21, 2007. A beloved brother to Jorgen Van Zsidy, Florene (John) Nelson and great friend to many. Frank was loved and respected by all he met, and will be sadly missed. Gone too soon is a great man who championed many causes in his fight for health and wellness. Along with his brother Jorgen, he was a passionate advocate for living a healthy, compassionate and purposeful life.

A memorial service in honour of Frank was held on Saturday, September 29, 2007 at the Notre-Dame Parish in Montreal. In Frank's memory we would ask that in lieu of flowers, donations be sent to the Shangrila Animal Shelter, 1177 Rang #8, Franklin, Qc. Anyone interested in furthering Frank's mission of achieving wellness and fighting the battle against cancer, please call:

Frank, as you go on your new journey, know that those who have been blessed to know you will always remember your kindness, patience, understanding, compassion, and above all, your courage and passion for all that you believed in. Your generosity spoke volumes about the man you were and your compassion for others always came before your own needs.

As we face a world without you in it, we vow to keep your memory alive by making your dream of creating a better world to live in a reality.

We love you, Frank.

Rest in Peace.

Franks Portrait