Frank’s Dog Visiting with His Deceased Friend
Frank’s Dog Visiting with
His Deceased Friend

Grace Graham's Commentary

It is not often that a spirit is captured on film, but years ago Frank sent me this photo of the incarnate dog Beswick sniffing at his departed friend Stofer, a dog who had made his presence known many times and many ways, long after his departure. When the photograph was taken, it was obvious that a communication between the living and the deceased was taking place. Having it captured in the photograph meant a lot to Frank.

To me, it represents an acknowledgement of an “other” world, one of those rare instances when it is caught on film. I felt that the fact that the dog was hanging around showed how connected to the other world Frank is. I did not know that Frank would join that world so soon.

Beyond serving as a memorial to Frank, this site exists to carry on Frank’s legacy, to chronicle his work and the life-giving detoxification protocol that he so enthusiastically endorsed and that is the companion system to Jorgen van Zsidy’s method of healing disease—cancer, and other lesser illnesses.

This section is devoted to spreading the word about other ways of dealing with bodily crises, with some valuable techniques that I have learned about from others and on my own—a few treasures to have in your personal medicine chest.

While Frank was chronically ill with cancer, just before he passed, I told him that he could not get sick, and asked what we would do without him (because of how many people he helped on a daily basis). He replied, “You don't need me! You just have to do the detox like usual, psyllium, bentonite, juices and all, and two enemas a day.”

This was his parting gift to us, and then he left.

Common-Sense Health

Still Poo-Pooing Colonic Irrigation?

Devoting 1 week out of the year undoes prior and ongoing abuse, and gives the body a rest.

In the last issue I broached the subject of detoxification from two angles. One article responded to controversy concerning fasting and colonic irrigation, the other discussed ways to relieve the body of its gasses. In concluding comments of the latter I lacked an easy recipe for denying the appetitive nature, but here are some suggestions for helping poisonous pleasures become less desirable.

As we know indulging in sugary treats is best avoided, but in doing so feelings of deprivation can be evoked—sugar is alluring and addictive. One trick is to make your own with quality ingredients and substitutions (do your research), or get your fix from health food stores. One month, I made chocolate or cheesecake every week, sharing it with those who were thrilled to be on the receiving end of my "cake fairy" gestures. When finally I ate a "Joe Louis" I could feel the "processed sugar surge difference". Since then the call for sweetness has been occurring incrementally less often. There are other ways to trick ourselves into gently letting go of habits that harm, so lets return to the topic of colonics.

For many people, the very thought of colonic irrigation invokes negative response (they are also misinformed—it is not an enema), but I can assure you that it is not an undignified or unpleasant procedure. One reason for controversy is that people unwittingly do things incorrectly (such as self-prescribed fasting with water or processed juices), and instead become "sick" from bad reactions. This happens because fasting is a detoxifying process and if toxins are not removed from the colon (where they gather during a fast), they re-enter the blood system, resulting in skin eruptions, fatigue or headaches, muscle soreness and possibly fever.

To avoid these symptoms, colonic irrigation is used to remove the debris. Colonics unaccompanied by fasting with strained vegetable juices serves little purpose. Sporadic treatments do not reverse conditions of constipation because sluggish elimination systems will remain so, having not undergone this process. Water fasting is not recommended. The body needs nutrients for energy, and energy to detox.

It therefore helps to be informed when seeking colonic treatments. To narrow your choices, call various clinics, requesting one appointment. If they comply, phone the next. Individual treatments are done in context of other aims, however if your purpose is to detox, then you need the commitment of the therapist who works six-day shifts. Ideally you seek a program that includes a series of six colonics and six days of juice fasting.

This is a symptom-free way to clean years of debris from the body while ingesting the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes usually missing in the diet, supplied by the live juices. A week spent in this manner gives results that would take years to acquire using a really good food regime. During the detox, hunger is minimal. You have sufficient energy for your week, and you feel great.

Some benefits include the disappearance of common puffiness around the eyes (everywhere else as well), and existing gall stones are passed. Cleansing in this manner from time to time buys prevention, and a better quality of life for later years; the fast being far less invasive and more productive than hospital procedures. Shopping, preparing juices, skin brushing and salt baths can seem like a full time job. However, the various products that claim to detoxify are incomplete in themselves, less efficient than this method which gently cleanses not solely the colon, but six elimination systems.

What happens afterwards? Can we expect to continue with foods and combinations that supply energy rather than those that deplete it? Perhaps not all at once. Deep down, we know that eating well makes us feel and look better, but ancestral or societal conditioning can easily lead us astray. How, then, can we rely on something other than the elusive job of willpower to guide choice-making; when it becomes neither an effort nor a sacrifice, to deny cravings for that which interferes with optimum bodily functioning?

Each time we detox (every year or two), the body recognizes just how badly it feels when reintroducing coffee, dairy, fats and sugars, and we'll tell ourselves, perhaps we'd like to retain this feeling supplied by the detox, just a little longer.

The Alkalize for Health site contains some of Frank's articles.

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“The continuing dispute of the obvious - Still Poo-Pooing Colonic Irrigation”

To the editor,

The purpose of this letter is to disabuse your readers of the information supplied by “dietitian” Lynn Roblin in the Toronto Star, on October 21 page F6 regarding Detoxification. I would be interested to know where she got her information concerning the incidents of illness and death due to Colonic Irrigation. Who were these people, and what were the circumstances. I would also like to know Roblins' background and education that led to the erroneous comments, that we have no need for cleansing programs, since the body rids itself of toxins; and her claims against Alternative Therapies which specifically cleanse and detoxify.

This is an example of a continuous debate about which side is less informed; her arguments are an unqualified one sided opinion, using scare tactics of people dying as a result of alternative therapies, which were not substantiated. The same can be said the other way around, that many die of mismedication, treatments and side effects of various drugs. What we want to protect here is the power of the public. Lets not assume the public at large is bunch of idiots (who fall prey to alternative practitioners), and stop treating us like children who can not make up our own minds about what is good for us.

Lets remember that Cleansing, Purification and Fasting are ancient, documented, and proven as affective customs. Every religion also respects fasting. The use of alternative therapy and treatments is embedded in many cultures and civilizations, as in China where they've used it for thousands of years. Working in more recent times, I would like to bring to your attention Dr. Kellog, one of the Kellog Brothers (yes, Battle Creek, the cereal company). He ran a sanitarium where patients made yearly visits in order to interrupt a toxic process. They went on fasts and had Colonic Irrigation treatments.

Visits to alternative practitioners are not the first steps taken towards alleviating suffering. People usually seek alternative therapy out of desperation and surprised when it works. We should take another look at how the medical system is functioning rather than accusing the alternative world of offering false hope, or by maintaining attitudes that would categorize new, different, or unproven practices, as “snake oil”. The only thing that saves alternative medicine is the fact that detox, supplements and good food, don't hurt anyone and cannot cause serious damage - unfortunately we cant say the same thing about pharmaceuticals. And why is it that Pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing “natural medicine”?

Why would people continue to spend their hard earned money on alternatives if they were not satisfied with the results? If these choices would create problems, illness, and death, the world of alternative practice would not be as prevalent as it is. Further, healthy people, free of affliction do not need doctors, or drain the medical system.

Realistically, it is not difficult to acknowledge that we are bombarded with, and full of toxins. We continually inhale pollutants and ingest all types of hidden chemicals (soaps, cleaners, industrial and exhaust fumes etc) incompatible with the human body. Our culture overindulges in addictions to tobacco, alcohol, sugars, fats and dairy not to mention falling prey to processed foods and chemically laden produce, (which is now scientifically proven as linking to cancer). The palate that loves inferior food combinations, and diets far from live and clean, augments the clogging of our systems, renders bodily functions less effective in eliminating toxins or in plain English we are a toxic, constipated society. If health care systems and the government would consider “prevention”, either by education or through the well protected medical establishment, it would ultimately be a relief to the taxpayer and health (sick) care system, and we would live in a more evolved society. Using the knowledge and technology, their task as modern physicians, should also be keeping us healthy. Why not follow the example, for instance, of the Chuv de Lausanne a Swiss hospital, (and also done widely throughout Europe) which has a wing devoted solely to Parafango (volcanic clay envelopment) an ancient and effective alternative (also detoxifying) therapy.

Her claim that alternative practitioners do not undergo rigorous training comparable to physicians and dietitians (in many cases untrue) has little bearing on the topic. I feel Roblin has inaccurately depicted a valuable aid to our society, and has taken great liberty to air her unfounded opinions. She could do some homework before writing articles that are such blatant accusations.

Finally, yes, in ideal circumstances, the body rids itself of toxins on its own; in conditions of clean air, water, food and exercise. People are “falling prey” to nothing other than the sorry truth. And let us also not forget that studies and advances in alternatives often lead to scientifically accepted norms.

Additional Unpublished Commentary:

We often hear controversy concerning fasting, because in some cases people have side effects, or get “sick”. It therefore helps to be informed when seeking any type of practitioner in order to avoid complications. These reactions occur because fasting is a detoxifying process and if the toxins are not removed from the colon (where they gather during a fast), they reenter the blood system and can result in skin eruptions, fatigue and headaches, muscle soreness and even fever. To avoid these symptoms, Colonic Irrigation is used to remove this debris. Colonics unaccompanied by fasting with strained vegetable juices serve little purpose. Sporadic treatments do not reverse a condition of constipation because major elimination systems will not have been influenced by the process. Water fasting is rarely recommended. The body needs nutrients for energy, and energy to detox.

The very thought of Colonic Irrigation may cause many of you to recoil, but I can assure you that it is not an undignified or unpleasant procedure. The best way to find a Colonic Irrigation therapist is to phone the various clinics and request one appointment. If they comply, tell them you'll call back later and phone the next on your list. Ideally you are seeking a program that includes the six day juice fast accompanied by a series of six colonics. This is a symptom free way to clean years of debris from the body while ingesting the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes usually missing in the diet. A week spent in this manner supplies benefits that would take years to acquire using optimum nutrition. During the detox you have sufficient energy for your week, and you feel great.

The Alkalize for Health site contains some of Frank's articles